Marvelous Methods To Remove Rust From Cutlery And Scissors

The other days when I took out the cleaver to chop some ribs, I was surprised to see some small rust stains. I immediately knew that I needed to take care of the rust on my cleaver before using it again. Rust not only affects the appearance of the tool, but it can also cause it to become weaker and less effective over time.

I can’t imagine this happening since it’s my only cleaver and there are a lot of people yelling for fried ribs!

Well, rust can be removed, can’t it? Yes, and quite easily actually.

When combined with a wire or steel dish sponge, vinegar is the fastest way to clean rust.

🔪 How to proceed?

Put rusty knives or scissors in vinegar for 15 minutes, and then scrub them thoroughly with a wire sponge. Within a few seconds, the knives will look as good as new. Use a quality, soft, wire sponge to avoid scratching the cutlery.

🧂🍋 How to clean rust with salt and lemon

As an alternative, you can use salt and lemon as follows:

  • add 2-3 tablespoons of salt in a bowl, cut a lemon in half, dip it in salt, and then rub the rusty surface with it.

🔘 Tin foil is helpful to remove rust

After holding scissors or knives in vinegar, rub them with tin foil if rust stains are not deep and stretched. It is soft and does not scratch the cutlery at all. When the blades are not badly damaged, rust can be removed perfectly this way.

Finally, to sharpen the scissors, fold a piece of tin foil in multiple layers and cut it with scissors. Tin is capable of cleaning scissors blades.

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