Clever way to keep bathroom tiles sparkling clean

Keeping tiles clean is a difficult task. Maintaining them will be a breeze with this trick.

There’s nothing you can do about dirty joints, no matter how often you clean your tiles. There is always dirt gathered between them, which is nearly impossible to remove.

All you need is a white wax candle. Clean the joints thoroughly, then rub them with the candle. The wax will act as a protective layer, so you can clean up the mess quickly. This simple trick can help you achieve clean tile joints even if you don’t apply wax right after installing the tiles.
Cleaning the floor regularly prevents dirt from scratching the tiles.

Use a mop once a week and clean the tiles with a cloth and glazing solution. The combination of warm water and vinegar is also very effective at cleaning. It is especially effective at removing grease spots.

Before you start cleaning the tiles, it is advisable to wipe them with a dry cloth. By doing this, you’ll remove dust from tiles and joints, and you’ll be able to better maintain them.
Never use chlorine to clean colored joints, because it will discolour them. When scrubbing them with a brush, choose one with hard bristles.

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