5 Small And Non-Toxic Steps To Get Rid Of A Bed Bug Invasion

Because they sleep on our beds, bed bugs are among the most feared insects. During the night, these disgusting insects build their homes in our mattresses, and they begin biting people. In order to avoid bed bug bites, you have to carefully inspect your mattress.

If you’re experiencing bed bug problems and don’t want to buy another mattress, follow these steps to get rid of bed bugs quickly.

1. Examine all the beds and mattresses in the house, including the places where pets sleep, to determine if you have an infestation. A fluorescent lamp can be used to detect bed bugs at night (when they become active).

2. Vacuum the mattress carefully with a steam cleaner. Heat kills both adult bed bugs and their eggs.

3. Contact the disinfection team if the first method fails.

4. Check the furniture around the bed carefully, as it can also be infected. Take it outside, in an airy place, and wash and spray it with an insecticide. Additionally, you should wash your clothes at high temperatures to remove any remaining bugs.

5. Ensure that the mattress is regularly vacuumed and ventilated until you notice that the insects have disappeared completely.

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