How To Keep Spiders Away With Natural Remedies Only

It’s a small spider walking around your home that makes you jump, scream, and run every time you see it. Keep this trick in mind if you want to get rid of these little insects forever!

Are you aware that moth-scented balls can also be used to remove other pests, such as spiders? You should try this trick as soon as you find a spider under the bed or near the sink.

Since these balls contain pesticides, you should keep them out of the reach of pets and small children.

🕷 Steps to get rid of spiders inside your house:

  • Identify the ideal locations to place moth balls (for example, the attic or basement).

  • Make 3-4 holes in a jar lid.

  • Take 3 moth balls and put them in the jar, covering it tightly with the lid.

  • You should make one for every area in your house where you have seen spiders.  

  • Be sure that all jars are tightly sealed and out of children’s reach.

The effect of these balls should last for six months, so you will no longer have to chase spiders during that time. Every time you encounter this spider problem, repeat the process.  

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