Homemade Hacks To Get Rid Of Spiders Once And For All

My fear of spiders and their webs is so great that I avoid them at all costs! It makes me think that others deal with the same struggle when it comes to spiders. It has taken me months to find ways to keep them away from home, but somehow, they always find a way to return. At least in one corner of the room, these small insects manage to “knit” their spider webs even when the house is clean.

In order to put them on the run, I tried the following tricks. Thanks to them, my struggle with spiders ended a year ago.

🌰 Put chestnuts in the corners of the house

Despite the fact that it is not well known why chestnuts or walnuts scare spiders, it has been shown that placing chestnuts in the corners of the room will keep these insects from making their homes there.

🧴 Homemade mint oil spray

Put 20 drops of mint oil into a spray bottle filled with water. Be sure to shake this liquid well before spraying it around the corners of your room. Spiders can’t stand the mint smell and the fragrance will put them on the run. Both eucalyptus and tea tree oil have the same effect.

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