How to Get Rid of Lice Eggs Safely and Naturally

Lice are small insects with six legs that cling to the scalp or neck and feed on human blood. They are difficult to detect due to their size, which is similar to a sesame grain. The eggs stick to the hair and are barely visible due to their close proximity to the scalp.

Lice infestation is very common in children attending kindergartens and primary schools. They have to learn certain rules of hygiene because they still share brushes, hair clips, hats, etc.

There is a very small size difference between lice and their eggs. However, they are visible to the naked eye. Lice can be white, brown or dark gray. Lice eggs cannot be removed from dry hair – this procedure must be performed on wet hair.

In case of lice infestation, we must take immediate action.

🥚 Use a special comb to remove lice eggs

It seems that this method was also used by the ancient Egyptians – such combs were discovered in their graves. If you have enough patience to comb each strand, try this method without resorting to a special shampoo against these parasites.
However, some doctors recommend combing after shampooing.

🐛 Natural remedies to remove lice and their eggs

◼ Apply mayonnaise to your hair, put on a shower cap and leave on overnight. Rinse your hair in the morning. All lice should be dead.

◼ The use of vinegar is also suggested. According to some sources, vinegar dissolves the glue that holds lice eggs in place.

There is no guarantee that these natural treatments will work 100%. They can’t harm you, but they might not work for everyone.
In spite of the fact that lice cannot survive on linen, it is still a smart idea to wash all bedding and clothing items used within the last 48 hours.

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