3 tricks to dry your laundry faster

Don’t panic if you just washed the pants you want to wear in 30 minutes. As a result of humidity in the winter, laundry dries harder, and if your bathroom or balcony isn’t large enough, you may end up with moldy clothes. See how to dry your laundry quickly with a few clever tricks.

The towel trick

In case you have just washed all your jeans and now need a clean pair, don’t despair. Put the jeans in the washing machine, add 2-3 large fluffy towels, and start the spinning program (not the rinsing and spinning one!).
Dry towels will absorb much of the moisture and then you only need to iron that piece of clothing.

The squeeze trick

If you want to quickly dry a blouse or a shirt, wrap that piece of clothing in a large dry towel. Roll the towel tightly so it covers the shirt completely.
Press the towel down with your soles so that all the moisture in the shirt is absorbed by the towel.
You will be able to fully dry that piece of clothing by ironing it.

The iron trick

If you want to dry a piece of clothing that stood for a while on the wire and is relatively damp, the easiest way is to iron it without using steam, with a towel over it.
In contact with the iron, the towel will collect all the steam that comes out of the fabric, and at the same time, you’ll iron and dry the fabric.

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