Laundry Tricks To Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free Without Using The Iron

Can you feel the summer sun in your apartment? I bet that the last thing you’d like is to sit next to the hot iron table with a bunch of clothes next to you. That is why I will offer you some useful solutions so you won’t have to iron your clothes anymore.

Here’s what you need to be careful about:

When doing laundry, use a short cycle. You will see wrinkles on your clothes if you run a long cycle, for example, more than 90 minutes. Therefore, if the laundry is not very dirty, choose a short washing cycle.

🌡Temperature. Also do your laundry at low temperatures, because hot water will badly wrinkle the clothing fibers.

🧼 Detergent. Use a soft detergent. A soft detergent won’t damage your fabrics, plus it will be gentle on your laundry, preventing wrinkles.

♻ Natural Remedies. Use vinegar or citric acid instead of laundry softener. You don’t have to worry that your clothes will catch that pungent vinegar smell. Simply add 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar to the laundry softener compartment.

💦 The washing machine. Make sure your washing machine isn’t overloaded. Firstly, too much laundry won’t be washed very well, and wrinkles are inevitable.

👚 Stretch them straight away. Don’t leave your clothes too long in the washing machine! After the wash cycle has ended, remove the clothes and stretch them while they are still wet. Leaving them inside for even a few minutes will wrinkle them, and you will need to iron them.

Shake them. Before arranging your garments on the drying rack, shake them well. The fabric will stretch naturally.

Fold them. Afterwards, fold each garment separately and place it in a wardrobe.  

Follow the above steps and you won’t have to iron your clothing anymore.

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