The Best Way To Wash Feather Duvet Without Leaving Lumps

You should take advantage of these warm days and clean out your feather duvet. If it’s dried out in the sun, it will be softer and whiter. And I have the perfect solution to clean the feather-fluff duvet without creating lumps.

The feather-fluff duvet should be cleaned once every 2 or 3 years, depending on how often it’s used. Feathers contain organic oils that can be destroyed if the duvet is washed too often with harsh detergents.

And if it dries, the feathers and the fluff start to break, and will no longer provide comfort and warmth. As such, specialists recommend cleaning the feather duvet once every two years, with the most delicate solutions.

How to clean the feather-fluff duvet at home without making leaving lumps

Choose a sunny and warm day when washing the duvet to let it dry outside in the sun.

  • Fill half of tub with warm water, add an oxygen-based liquid detergent and a few tablespoons of baking soda. Allow the feather duvet to soak until the water cools down. Then drain the water and squeeze the duvet by pressing it easily.
  • Fill the tub again with warm water, and rinse as much as you can the feather duvet. Finally, you can add a few drops of a delicate laundry softener, but in a small amount, so that the inside fluff not to absorb too much laundry softener.

Let the duvet dry in the sun

After squeezing it easily by rolling it, like a pancake, so that the feathers inside not to form lumps, take the duvet outside to dry in the sun. After a few hours, when the outer material has already begun to dry, shake the duvet vigorously and beat it slowly with the palms of your hands for the inside feathers to ventilate and to dry uniformly.

It’s good to shake the feather duvet several times until it dries well. After drying, you will see that it is whiter and fluffier. 

Image Credits: Civellophoto

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