Highly-Effective Solution To Get Rid Of Bleach Stains On Colored And Black Clothes

One of the most problematic aspects of bleachers is when they come into contact with colored or black clothes. A single drop of bleach can ruin your clothes so badly that they are no longer wearable.
If you find yourself in this situation, you should act immediately if you want to save your clothes.

This article will provide you with helpful information on how to remove bleach stains from colored or black clothes.

◼ If a drop falls on your favorite black shirt, it takes a few minutes for it to turn white (discolor). Therefore, it is advisable to act quickly!
Spray rubbing alcohol, vodka, or cologne on the stain. By doing so, you will be able to prevent discoloration.

◼ If the bleach drop discolored your shirt, you can easily fix it with clothing paint (available in leather stores). Apply some paint over the stain and follow the instructions on the label.

◼ Alternatively, if you have bleach stains on your favorite clothing item but don’t want to throw it away, you can repaint it.

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