Cobbler’s Advice: How To Remove White Salt Stains From Suede Without Damaging The Boots

White salt stains on boots are often associated with winter snow. Since genuine leather is easier to clean and to remove certain stains from it, I can’t say the same for suede or UGG. In spite of this, either type of leather must be cleaned immediately after getting in contact with snow, otherwise it will dry, crack, or disintegrate. Suede, however, is still more demanding than regular leather. Vinegar will remove salt stains from suede, but will also discolor it. Obviously, you don’t want that!

However, there are other clever tricks you can use to remove salt stains on suede without damaging the boot. The trick is not taking the boots to a cobbler!

🧽 Items Needed:

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Soft toothbrush

  • Cold water

  • Liquid dish soap

🥾 Instructions:

1. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe away as much salt residue as possible.

2. Lightly brush the suede with a toothbrush along the salt lines. Don’t be rough or you may damage the suede texture — use just enough pressure to dislodge any remaining salt.

3. If the stain persists, combine 1 cup cold water and three drops liquid dish soap in a bowl. Dab the corner of a white cloth with the soapy water and test an inconspicuous spot on your shoes for colorfastness.

4. If the dye doesn’t transfer, go ahead and dab at the stained areas with soapy water until the stain is eliminated. Don’t rub, or you may lift off dye and ruin the nap of the suede.

5. Dry the shoes away from heat and light. Once dry, check again for stains and repeat the steps above if needed.

6. Lightly buff with a dry washcloth or soft-bristled toothbrush to restore the suede’s texture.

7. Prevent future stains by applying a suede protector at least once per winter season.

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