Magic Trick To Get Rid Of That “Magical” Odor Out Of Your Shoes

Are you looking for “magic” to get rid of that unpleasant shoe odor? You are not the only person facing this problem. As we all know, the feet are exposed to sweating, bacteria and other environmental factors that cause a bad smell when they come into contact with the footwear.

The ugly smell of shoes is very embarrassing for you and for those near you, and you have to do something right away to get rid of that stinky odor.

And you can try using natural remedies! And one of the best is lavender in combination with baking soda! The first will refresh your shoes and the second will absorb moisture – the main issue of feet odor.
Lavender leaves are a simple solution to eliminate the nasty smell that persists inside the shoes. They have aromatic and antibacterial properties that neutralize ugly odors.


– 6 yarns of lavender

Method of preparation:
Split the lavender yarns to have 3 of them for each shoe.
Let them dry in the sun for two hours.

How to use?
Put the lavender yarns in each shoe and let them act overnight.
Repeat the process every day, even after the ugly smell disappears.
Also, you can sprinkle 1 tablespoon of baking soda in each shoe, and then add the lavender yarns. This way, baking soda will absorb the moisture quickly and lavender will give a pleasant smell.

Image Credits: Crunchybetty

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