The Vinegar And Bread Trick To Remove Frying Smell Out Of Your Kitchen

Any housewife knows how difficult it is to remove the frying smell from clothes and hair, but especially from the house, impregnated in the walls. If you have just cooked and fried fish, potatoes, bacon, I can feel the smell in your kitchen.
And I already know the face you’ll make when you find out that there is a super effective trick to get rid of this smell.

It’s important to open the window to ventilate the kitchen, so that this disgusting smell does not spread to the rest of the house.

🛒 You need:

▪ 2 slices of bread
▪ white vinegar

🧽 How to proceed?

Soak the bread slices in vinegar and place them on a plate. Leave the plate on the kitchen counters overnight. But first, close the window!

In the morning, the frying smell will be gone. To remove the vinegar smell, simply ventilate the kitchen again. That’s a magic trick, isn’t it?

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