My Delicious Tricks To Get Rid Of That Unpleasant Fried Fish Smell In The Kitchen

Fish is one of my favorite foods, especially fried fish, but the smell after cooking kills my nose! Even if you open the window and turn on the hood, the smell of fried fish fills your house. However, we must satisfy our cravings somehow. Using my solution-seeking skills, I’ve come up with a few excellent methods to eliminate that fishy smell from your kitchen.

🔥 Boil the vinegar

The fried fish smell can be removed from walls and curtains if you boil some water and vinegar on low heat for a few minutes, say 10.

☕ Make a coffee

Aside from the fact that you deserve a cup of coffee after cooking all day, you will also eliminate that unpleasant smell of fried fish from the kitchen. Grind the coffee in the coffee grinder, and use the coffee grounds to rub the wooden chopper and knives you used to prepare the fish.

🍪 Bake some cookies

It’s one of my family’s favorite tricks! It is a smart idea to bake a batch of chocolate cookies after frying fish. The fish smell will be eliminated, plus your family will absolutely adore them.

🟠 Orange peel

Before cooking, fill a spray bottle with water and orange zest. You can spray orange water around the kitchen and on the curtains while the fish is frying. The same process should be repeated after cooking is complete.

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