How to remove stains out of suede shoes

Here are some items you’ll need to clean suede shoes and bags at home:

▪ good quality eraser (ordinary pencil)
▪ a suede special brush (it has very strong bristles)
▪ damp cloth
▪ white wine vinegar

Begin by carefully rubbing the stains with an eraser (to prevent damage to the material). You should brush suede material with a special brush. Apply a little vinegar to a damp cloth and rub the stains with it. Let it dry. Vinegar smell may persist for a few days after cleaning.

If your suede has an oil stain, apply talcum powder to absorb it. Put powder over the stain and let it work overnight. Then scrub it with a special brush.

Another cleaning technique is to put the stained object over a pot of boiling water. By steaming, you will soften and hydrate the suede, which can be cleaned with the same brush afterwards.

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