How To Fix Cat Scratches On Leather And Vinyl Furniture

I recently welcomed a cute 1 year old male cat into my home. In spite of the fact that I adopted it, it still has trouble adjusting to its new home. As a better way to put it, we both try to get used to having someone else around us. However, living with a pet has been an amazing experience so far. Eventually, the little fellow adapted to his new home and began acting rebelliously. I forgot to cut Choco’s nails, so he started doing his pedicure on my leather sofa! My jaw dropped! Living with a pet is not that amazing anymore, but I love the cat more than I love sitting on the couch.

Because of this, I argued with my cat about his naughty deed (he didn’t care a damn), and I began looking for solutions to fix those ugly scratches. As a precaution, I have to cover up all traces of this bad habit so it doesn’t happen again.
In conclusion, I just want to say how helpful the internet is these days. You can find solutions to almost everything, including fixing cat scratches on leather. Surprisingly, they work very well without the use of expensive leather restoration products.

It seems olive oil will do the trick! According to several websites, this ordinary ingredient is effective for lubricating leather. It makes sense! The elasticity of leather comes from the body’s oils, so olive oil will mimic that elasticity, restoring its flaky and crackly appearance.

🛒 You need:

  • Olive oil

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Paper towels

The result is fantastic.

I applied olive oil in circular motions using a soft cloth. The key is to really rub it in. Then I buffed it off with a paper towel. As a result of the paper towel buffing, I discovered that there was no oil residue on the leather surface. It still looks great a few weeks later. Some deeper marks are still visible, but it looks much better than it did before. Adding oil to the leather also brought back some of its rich color tone.

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