Homemade Solution To Clean And Restore Your Leather Jacket And Garments

Spring is almost here, and the leather jacket is a must-wear clothing item, actually is the perfect clothing item when we are dealing with temperature fluctuations.

This is great until you see that your leather jacket smells funny and has some last year stains that you didn’t notice. You don’t have to replace it because there is a handy home solution that will help a lot in cleaning and restore your favorite leather jacket.

Important! Don’t use chemical cleaning products

Leather can catch an unpleasant smell, and stains can also appear, but they can even mold in the closet if they are not stored properly. If you want to clean a leather jacket correctly, don’t use detergent, because natural leather is very demanding.

You need:

  • baby shampoo
  • clean cloth
  • water

Just add 2 cups of baby shampoo in 1 liter of water, mix it with your hand, and then soak the cloth in this solution, and start rubbing gently every side of your leather jacket. Mold stains and the unpleasant smell will disappear, but if you face with a stubborn stain, such as grease, you can replace the baby shampoo with dish soap.

Image Credits: Revzilla

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