Handy Solutions To Repair Scratched Leather Shoes Without Ruining Them

We ruin our footwear through clumsiness or running. The question is: what do you do when your favorite pair of shoes get ruined?

If you love shoes, like Carrie Bradshaw, then a scratched pair is a major problem, especially if they are your favorite shoes.

The good news is you can cover each scratch on your shoes easily with some handy solutions.

🖍 Permanent marker – The Shoe God

A permanent marker is the best way to repair/cover shoe scratches, because the color will penetrate deep into the leather and cover the scratches well. Furthermore, the permanent marker is waterproof, so rain and snow won’t disguise the scratches.

👠 Silicone glue

Use a permanent marker to cover the scratches, and then apply a thin layer of silicone glue with a brush or a fine sponge.

Silicone glue seals scratches without damaging the leather. You must first confirm that silicone glue can be applied to your shoes – e.g. if they are made of suede, do not do it. Whether it’s lacquered leather or leather, it works.

🎨 Professional leather paint

A special shoe paint is available at the leather store. Using a makeup sponge, apply the paint over the scratch on a small side of the shoe to make sure it is the same shade.

When you use a makeup sponge, you are more likely to control the amount of paint and not cover too much.

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