Great Way To Remove Those Moldy Hard Water Stains From A Jetted Bathtub

I have a fantastic bathtub! It’s huge and deep and it also has those Jacuzzi jets on the sides. Only one word can describe it: amazing! With just one push of a button, I can have an incredible hot tub after a long day at work. It is an asset that I am very proud of!

However, there’s one thing I didn’t consider when I bought this super jetted tub: it’s more difficult to clean than a regular bathtub, so take that, Maggie! Imagine the process of removing those hard water deposits inside the jetted tubes, and the fact that sometimes they become moldy due to the damp environment – and nobody wants to bathe in mold spores. Therefore, I decided to clean my super-jetted bathtub and remove the hard water deposits. Since I’m not a fan of chemicals, I used some household items to do this super-heavy cleaning task (just kidding).

🛒 Needed supplies:

  • Baking soda

  • Vinegar

  • Water

  • Cleaning rag

  • Old toothbrush

🛁 How-To:

◾ You should begin cleaning the normal parts of your tub with baking soda. I love using baking soda as a cleaning powder, because it’s abrasive enough to take away mold and soap scum, but it doesn’t scratch the tub.

◾ Sprinkle baking soda all over the tub and start scrubbing it with a rag or a sponge. The waterline area, the faucet, and the area around the drain should be given special attention, and baking soda should not be rinsed too quickly.

◾ The next step is to clean the tub jets. You might not be able to clean deep into the tub jets, but you can clean the outside area thoroughly with a toothbrush. Since most Jacuzzi jets twist to change water pressure, mildew can easily collect between the tub and the twisty parts.

◾ Start loosening them up so that you can scrub behind them with your toothbrush.

◾ Fill your tub with water, enough to run the jets, without rinsing off the baking soda.

◾ Add three cups of vinegar to the water, and turn on your jets. Run them for at least three minutes, or longer if you see bits of build-up in the water.

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