Genius Tricks To Clean Dirty Suede And Leather Purses

The inside and outside of every purse get very dirty very quickly, so once you buy it you have to clean it both inside and outside. If you own a designer purse, I’m sure you want to prolong its life by cleaning and caring for it!

Keeping your dirty bags and purses clean is as easy as following a few simple tips.

▪ To remove mild stains from purses, apply vodka or rubbing alcohol on a cotton bud and rub gently. It is also a good idea to rub the metallic parts of the purse because they get black in time.

▪ You can clean your purse with equal parts vinegar and rubbing alcohol if it has been stained with ink or markers.

▪ Mix 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 tablespoon starch together and use it to remove oil stains. Apply the powdered solution to the stain. Let it work until the oil is absorbed by this powder.

⚠ Caution: Make sure your leather purse dries naturally at room temperature if it is wet. You shouldn’t use heat because it will degrade the material. Use a cotton towel to dry a suede purse.

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