Effective Methods To Repair Scorch Or Burn Marks On Clothing

No matter how careful you are, sometimes the iron burns your laundry, leaving brownish burnt spots on the fabric. You don’t have to turn blue, because you can remove those small burn marks from your clothes.

There is a possibility of saving almost-burnt clothes. If the fabric is made of cotton or wool, some natural solutions can easily remove scorching marks.

⚪ Remove scorch marks on white clothes

Dab the burnt cotton clothes with hydrogen peroxide-soaked gauze. Using another piece of clean gauze soaked in an ammonia solution, dab the stain again. Don’t let these two solutions dry. While the fabric is still wet, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Continue until all scorching marks have disappeared. Wool and silk clothes cannot be cleaned using this method because they contain synthetic fibers.

🎨 Remove scorch marks on colored clothes

If you’re dealing with a burnt colored coat, ammonia won’t work. Prepare an equal solution of vinegar and water, soak the clothing well in this solution, and then soak it again in oxygen active bleach. To remove the stain, wash your clothing item as usual.

🔥 Remove scorch burns on wool

Charred threads from a wool or cashmere sweater can be removed by gently rubbing the stain with a rough clothing brush. Then, wash the clothing by hand with laundry detergent to soften the burned area.

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