Be Green: How To Remove Ugly Rust Stains From Cast Iron Bathtubs

We purchased an old apartment on Fifth Avenue a few years ago and began decorating it immediately. Except for the bathtub, we removed almost everything from it! The ancient cast iron bathtub may sound disgusting to many, but it can be easily restored and is actually quite fascinating. Think about an old cast iron bathroom full of rust and dirt. However, after a restoration the tub looked fantastic until a few months ago, when rust began to form. Even the porcelain sink started to accumulate brownish stains that looked like rust.

Rust in the bathroom usually results from two factors. It is either your bathroom fixtures contain iron-containing metals that are rusting or your mineral-rich water supply contains iron particles that stain areas where water runs. This happens even with porcelain bathroom fixtures.

In order to get rid of the rust on my awesome bathtub without using harsh chemicals, we decided to kill it naturally. Many rust removers are available on the market, but I prefer to stay away from them. I live in a high-pollution area, and Captain Planet can’t save us anymore. In order to prevent pollution and to keep my family safe from harmful chemicals, I often choose green cleaning. With a few basic household tools and a little elbow grease, you can easily remove rust from a cast iron bathtub.

🛒 You need:

▪ Sponge
▪ White vinegar
▪ Baking soda

First thing first: saturate the tub and the sponge with white vinegar. The most effective way to remove rusted stains is to pour vinegar directly onto the sponge while holding it over the rusty area. You can also sprinkle white vinegar over the bathtub surface. Let the vinegar sit for 5 minutes. During this time the stains will lift from the surface.

Next, sprinkle baking soda all over the sponge and tub. Now it will foam, removing minerals and deposits, and the sponge will have an easier time removing them.

💡 Tip: Use a brush to scrub through stains.

The final step is to rinse the entire bathtub with warm water. As you run the water, continue scrubbing the rusted area with the brush to remove all the grime and rust leftovers. If there are stubborn stains left, you can repeat the process.

After this process, it is imperative that the tub is dried out. In this way, rust will be prevented.

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