Quick And Natural Method To Remove Limescale Deposits From Taps

Even if you clean almost every part of your house, cleaning the faucets can be a real challenge, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Limescale deposits are caused by hard water, which affects the gloss of taps.

Limescale deposits can partially block running water in severe cases. Limescale is hard to remove, but an effective cleaning product can give some incredible results. And the following natural cleaning product can bring back the shine to your taps.

White vinegar and lemon juice

Making a mixture of white vinegar and water is a useful remedy for removing limescale from taps. You can replace white vinegar with lemon juice.

🛒 Ingredients:

▪ ½ cup of white vinegar or lemon juice
▪ ½ cup of water

🧽 Instructions:

◼ Mix the above ingredients and soak a paper towel or a clean cloth in the solution. Wrap the taps with the cloth soaked in vinegar.
◼ Cover the taps with a plastic bag.
◼ Let the solution work for at least an hour.
◼ Remove the bag and cloth.
◼ Rub the taps well with a brush.
◼ Rinse the taps with plenty of water, and then dry them with a dry cloth.

You can also use this trick to remove limescale from coffee makers and kettles. It will look like they were just bought!

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