My Sister’s Method In Removing Chewing Gum Out Of Carpets

Hmm!? How did gum get there? The answer is simple: Austin! After heroically removed gum from my nephew’s hair, now I had to find a solution to remove gum from the carpet.

Yesterday morning, I stepped on chewing gum, but it didn’t stick on the soles of my shoes. On the contrary, it got stuck on my socks, because I don’t know how chewing gum got on my living room carpet. Austin, again! My sister and her son, Austin, came visiting and, besides leaving a total mess around my house, I found chewing gum on the carpet and, furthermore, on my socks.

I thought the only solution to remove the chewing gum from the carpet was using the scissors. Apparently, not! After calling my sister to send all my complaints, she told me every step I have to follow to remove chewing gum from the carpet. Surprisingly, it works, too!

So, in case you have a “Austin” who sticks gum into your carpets, I think you should consider the following tricks in removing chewing gum from rugs and carpets.

Grab The Following Supplies:

  • ice cubes
  • plastic bag
  • butter knife
  • dry-cleaning solvent
  • sponge

Chewing Gum Removing Process:

  • Place a handful of ice cubes in a plastic bag. Seal the bag closed and set it on top the chewing gum. Leave it in place for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the gum freezes and becomes hard.
  • Thump the hard chewing gum with a butter knife so it shatters. Vacuum up the gum residue. Refreeze any remaining gum and repeat the process until most of the gum residue is removed.
  • Dampen a sponge with dry-cleaning solvent. Blot the solvent onto the remaining gum residue and work it into the stain with a blotting motion.

  • Blot the solvent out of the carpet with clean water-dampened sponge. Blot with a clean towel to absorb most of the remaining moisture.
  • Allow the carpet to air dry. Vacuum thoroughly once the carpet has dried completely.

!!! You can replace the dry-cleaning agent with 1 teaspoon of mild detergent mixed in a cup of water.

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