How To Use Cleansing Milk To Clean The Leather Armchair And Sofa

The leather sofa or armchairs have to be cleaned at least twice a year to enjoy their lovely color much longer and to remove dust accumulated between any gap.

Leather or other substitutes are more resistant fabrics than the textile when it come the upholstery, but they can easily get stained with fat and wine, or may become dark over time.

Cold water and liquid soap

Use a simple mix of cold water and liquid soap and wipe off greasy or dirty stains. It’s important to use a lint-free cloth. After washing the tapestry, wipe the water with another soft and dry cloth. It’s recommended that you do this every week when you do the cleaning.

Lanolin hand cream

If the upholstery is made of natural leather, you can use commercially available special moisturizing products to prevent cracks, but also a great lanolin hand cream. The leather should have that elastic look to last longer and to maintain its initial color.

Cleansing milk

For ecological upholstery and leather imitations sofas, the cleansing milk is the best option to clean the sofa. Apply a little solution on a clean cloth and wipe the upholstery everywhere, insisting on the more worn areas. Cleansing milk will clean the dust, water stains or sweat stains and it will care for the fabric over time.

Image Credits: Leathermilk

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