How to remove grease out of the kitchen walls

The dry grease jumped out of the pan and painted your walls like a piece of modern art? Learn how to get old grease off your kitchen walls.

🟡 The best way to get grease out of painted walls

The water and vinegar mix is an effective DIY solution for removing grease stains from kitchen walls. A one-to-one ratio is the solution.

Simple and easy to make, this concoction does its job better than more complex products that may cause wall peeling and discoloration.

Make sure to avoid letting the area dry by itself, as this could cause a color difference on your walls.

With a paper towel, dab and wipe the area to absorb most of the remaining moisture.

🧽 Getting grease out of wallpaper

Grease spots on glossy wallpaper can be wiped away with a solution of starch and water. Once the stain has dried, slowly clean it until you have removed all traces.

For embossed or thick wallpaper, mix starch, bentonite, clay, and a small amount of liquid detergent together. After the paste has dried, carefully remove it.

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