How to get rid of mold without using toxic cleaning products

Summertime can bring unaesthetically and dangerous mold to your home, especially during humid days with tropical temperatures. Approximately 50 varieties of mold occur in our homes, so make sure to remove them quickly without using toxic cleaning agents.

Mold removal solutions available on the market emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. There is a natural way to get rid of mold that is inexpensive, safe, and effective – tea tree essential oil cleanser!

🛒 How to remove mold with tea tree essential oil. You need:

– tea tree essential oil
– a clean cloth
– hydrogen peroxide
– vinegar
– spray bottle

🧽🧴 Directions:

◼ Add one teaspoon of tea tree essential oil in a cup of water and pour the solution into a spray bottle. If you have large areas covered in mold, double or triple the amount. While tea tree essential oil is harmless to adults, its high concentrations can irritate the respiratory system of children and pets (which is why it’s wise to keep them away from the container).

◼ Mix the solution thoroughly, then apply it directly to the mold and let it work overnight. As a natural oil, it will not affect paint, lime, or other materials, but will leave a pungent pine smell that will fade within 24 hours.

◼ The next day, you’ll notice that the mold has disappeared. Now is the time to soak a cloth in vinegar water to remove the problem for good. Finally, throw away the cloth, as mold spores can survive in textile fibers.

◼ For hard surfaces such as countertops, tiles or bathroom blocks, add hydrogen peroxide to the tea tree essential oil solution.

The above natural solution prevents the formation of new spores, so a new intervention won’t be necessary soon.

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