Green Mattress Cleaning: How To Get Disgusting Yellow Stains Out Of Your Mattress

We spend a great deal of time lying down in our beds, either sleeping, resting or reading. It comes as no surprise that mattresses get stained easily with liquids of all kinds, and my mattress is no different.
Recently, I discovered some disgusting yellow stains on my mattress! I don’t have kids or pets, and I certainly don’t wet the bed at night, so it can’t be pee.

🟡 But, what causes yellow stains on the mattress?

There is a common misconception that yellow stains are caused by pee, but that is not true. Well, the majority of yellow stains on mattresses are caused by pee, but sweat and body oils are also responsible. Mattress stains must be removed carefully. Alternatively, you may spread the stain and saturate it inside the mattress, which may eventually lead to mold growth.

Yellow stains on mattresses: how to remove them naturally

There is no need to use harsh chemicals for mattress cleaning. Use baking soda to clean your mattress every six months and you’ll never have to worry about strange stains again.

🛒 So, grab the following supplies to green clean your mattress:

  • 16 oz spray bottle

  • liquid dish soap

  • baking soda

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide

🧽 Direction:

1. Fill the 16 oz bottle with water and add 1 teaspoon of dish soap. After mixing well, spray it on the entire mattress. The soapy solution should be applied to the entire mattress surface. You will probably need two 16 oz soapy water bottles to cover the entire surface. Test the area with your hand.

2. Next, fill the 16 oz bottle half with water and half with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Once again, mix well and spray the entire mattress. Don’t forget to spray a little extra on the stained areas.

3. While the mattress is still damp, evenly dust the entire surface with baking soda. You will need 2-3 cups of baking soda for the entire mattress. Spread the baking soda over the mattress surface with a clean rag so it forms a thin layer.

4. It will take less than ten minutes to complete the full process. You can already see the stains on your mattress becoming lighter as you spread baking soda on them! There is a reaction going on. Make sure you open the windows overnight so that the baking soda can dry out.

5. The next day, sweep or vacuum the dried baking soda off the mattress surface and enjoy your stain-free mattress.

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